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winbank web banking
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Our multi-country WINBANK platform provides a uniform customer experience to all Piraeus Bank Group customers around the world!

Featured Functionality for Individuals and Businesses

  • Account Details / Statements
  • Credit Card Details / Statements
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Credit Card Alerts (SMS / Email)
  • Funds Transfers / Remittances
  • Scheduled (future-dated) Payments
  • Standing Orders
  • Fixed Deposits Opening
  • Unlimited Approval Scenarios for Payments
  • Payment Confirmations / Advices
  • Payments / Transfers History with Order Status Tracking
  • Mass Payments (including unlimited approval scenarios)
  • Payroll Payments
  • Utility Payments
  • Payment / Transfer / Remittance Shortcuts (saved order templates)
  • Transfer / Remittance Aliases (saved beneficiary details)
  • Single User Sign-on (for companies and individuals)
  • Administrator User Permissions Management
  • Instant Cash
  • Interactive Demo
  • 24-hour Support

    ... and many, many more!

Register to WINBANK services in no time!

Register now and experience the unparalleled functionality and convenience that only Piraeus Bank can offer you.

Visit your branch, subscribe on-the-spot and you will instantly receive, Free Of Charge, your activated UserID/PIN codes and Terms & Conditions, packaged in a "Bank in a Box".

With Advanced Security

Achieve maximum security in your electronic transactions using our contemporary and advanced approach, through the use of a two-factor authentication method or multifactor, when larger sums are involved.  One-Time Passwords, also branded as "extraPIN" by our bank, are delivered to your by means of a token device and/or via a FREE moble Single Message Service (SMS).  Credit Card Alerts may also be activated online to monitor transactions instantly when using any of the bank's credit cards (business and personal).